Say it with me...Mama-ste calm.

In one of my blog post, I admitted that sometimes I feel like a pretty cruddy mummy. (Read that with a British accent. LOL.)

I’ve often said to myself that I need to be more zen and really control my emotions better. Why cry over spilled milk and all that yada? But let’s face it…when you’ve got an actual glass of spilled milk on the floor with a two year old playing in it and your two oldest kids are arguing over who’s at fault for spilling said glass of milk…it can feel pretty overwhelming and frankly…ANYTHING BUT ZEN!

I’m not going to lay all the blame on the kiddos, though. Yes, the volume and craziness in my house can often reach all-time highs. However, I blame myself for that. They’re only mimicking me. I admit I shout sometimes and can get over animated about situations and that behavior has rubbed off on my children.

So to be a better mom and a better example, I’ve been working on how to be a cooler, calmer, more collected mom and I want to share with you what worked for me! If you’ve got some tips on bringing more #ZenInTheDen, please tell us about it in the comments or share it on my Facebook page!

Woo-sah. Here we go.

Take a deep breath.

This one is probably a no-brainer, right? Did you know this free stress buster can help you instantly reduce tension, find your inner calm, and relax? Easier said than done, I know! Well, just for kicks and giggles, let’s be sure we’re taking a deep breath the RIGHT WAY! I found this certified technique from the American Institution of Stress the most effective.

"Quieting Response– utilizes visualization and deep breathing (a powerful combination) to stop an acute stress response in its tracks. The entire exercise only takes 6 seconds! First “smile inwardly” with your eyes and mouth and release the tension in your shoulders. This is a powerful muscle release in the places where most people hold their muscles tense. Then imagine holes in the soles of your feet. As you take a deep breath in, visualize hot air flowing through these holes moving slowly up your legs, through your abdomen and filling your lungs. Relax your muscles sequentially as the hot air moves through them up your body. When you exhale reverse the visualization so you “see” hot air coming out the same holes in your feet. Repeat throughout the day whenever you need to feel calm and relaxed.’’

-Kellie Marksberry, Stress.Org

Drink A Cup of Tea

I’ve been working on cutting back on my sugar intake and coffee has been a huge sugar dump for me, so I decided to try out Mighty Leaf Matcha Green Tea. I haven’t had coffee since then and sweetening it with honey is so much better than my 14 packets of sugar. (Please don’t judge me!) Anyway, the matcha tea is not only full of antioxidants but it enhances calm, boost memory and concentration! Right out the gate, this tea is #winning. Aside from the health benefits, let’s focus on HOW we’re drinking it! You want to sip it slowly, be present in that moment and be sure you’re doing your breathing exercises. My favorite time to do this is in the morning before the kids wake up so that I can reap all the benefits from the matcha tea and get into my, 'Today will be awesome!' mindset.

The Benefits of Matcha Tea


I went to a Tony Robbin’s Unleash the Power Within summit once and there was a speaker there by the name of Joseph McClendon. The word energetic doesn’t do him justice!

His philosophy is that in order to shift your mindset, you need to shift your energy and the best way to do that is by shifting physically.

Therefore, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, down and out, GET UP AND SHAKE YOUR ASS for an immediate physical shift toward higher energy and clearer mind. Let me see you try shaking your behind without cracking a smile! It’s impossible! This technique works for me in any and all situations…I even do a wiggle in the grocery store line if I need, to!

Joseph’s got some great techniques overall. You can tap into some more of his awesomeness with his book, ‘Get Happy Now.’

Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

I struggle with this one all the time but it really does help to not sweat the small stuff...and it's all small stuff. Be good to yourself. I mean that in a physical and mental. Take a break when your body needs it and think positive thoughts. There’s always a silver lining to whatever obstacle you’re overcoming!

These are just a few tips I have from my personal journey towards being calmer mother. I’d love to learn and try a few more tactics that you know are tried and true! I’d love if you’d leave a comment about how you bring #ZenInTheDen and how you manage to stay cool, calm and collected during your #MomChallenges. I’m sure there’s a mom out there who needs some of those tips and could use them in their #MomJourney!

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15 thoughts on “How to Bring Zen to Your Den Of Kids!

  1. This is all good even without being a parent and something I think can definitely carry over well for people who are entering parenthood soon!

  2. Definitely not a mom, but these are great tips regardless! I need to practice taking deep breaths and drinking more tea!

    xo, Elizabeth //

  3. I am absolutely obsessed with Teas. It’s true, in an hectic environment, a cup just takes me into a zen-like world that helps me distress and chill.

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