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how to create pretty pinterest images plus free pinterest template to use in canva

Every day I’m finding more and more reason to jump on the Pinterest bandwagon.

It’s a comfy wagon, though.

By creating pretty Pinterest images, I’ve been able to increase my blog traffic and revenue. I’m getting exposed to audiences I might not have found had it not been for some awesome group boards, I’m a part of.

The great part is that I know that I’m at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential of Pinterest.

Because I’m so new at it and having amazing success already, I know this is where I’m supposed to be and I know that is where my target audience and my ideal client is hanging out.

Not one to keep details to myself, I want to be sure I spread some goodness to my fellow momtrepreneurs who have considered using Pinterest for their business or blog.

It All Starts with Pretty Pinterest Images

I know the saying goes, 'Don’t judge a book by its cover,' but on Pinterest, that’s exactly what people are doing.Click To Tweet

They are judging you and your content or product by the pin that pops up when they are searching for whatever they’re needing.

You knew Pinterest was a search engine, not a social site, right?

You want people to find your pins and want to pin them to their group boards and share it with their buddies. That’s like free advertisement!

And all you have to do is make a gorgeous pinnable image!

Now I know that can be hard for some of us and maybe even a little daunting. With that being said, I’m gonna give you some basics on what pretty Pinterest images should include so that you can get to creating right after you’ve read this.

Size Matters

Pins should be vertical. Simply, put this means, your image should be longer than it is wide.

Vertical is best because it’s easier to see, especially on mobile devices.

“Pins are organized into columns, so vertical Pins take up more space and tend to stand out more. Don’t make Pins too long or they will get cut off. The ideal aspect ratio for a Pin is 2:3.”

I use Canva for all my Pinterest creations and they've never steered me wrong. Canva’s Pinterest templates by default are 735pp X 1102pp.

Ditch the Fancy Fonts and Always Opt for Legible

If they can’t read it, they won’t pin it, share it or click on it to go to your site or landing page.

Plain and simple.

It can be tempting to experiment with fancy fonts but I strongly advise against using any of the calligraphy or handwritten fonts.

Same goes with using bold print and italics. Use it but be sure you’re using it right. Everything has its time and place.

Fun fact: I fell in love with the Raleway and Play Script fonts included with Canva.

Keep in mind you can upload your own fonts to Canva to use, too! This way everything can stay on brand.

Use High Quality, Attention Grabbing Photos!

That means they’re bright, sharp and not something too overused. Canva is chock full of free stock photos you can use for your pretty Pinteresst images.

I also adore the HUGE free library at In fact, I’m using one of their pics for the background in the free Pinterest templates that you can download below!

Create Pretty Pinterest Images in No Time with these Free Pinterest Templates!

create pretty pinterest images with these free canva templates


I tend to stray from the norm, so I’ve gotten pretty attached to CreateHerStock and ColorUBold for their culturally diverse stock photos, affordability, and feminine flare. Staying on brand is easy with the different color coded collections they offer!

Just a word of caution…whatever photos you use…make sure you’re allowed to use them and that you have permission. Use one of the sites I mentioned or do a quick search for FREE STOCK PHOTOS and you’ll get a ton of options to choose from.

Titillating Titles

Just like you used eye catching photos for your pretty Pinterest images, you need to have an eye catching title. You can use your blog post title (which I hope is also eye catching!) or you can make a variation. I tend to make several pins per blog post and each has a variation of the blog title.

Check out my pins from one my latest posts.

create pretty pinterest images with good titles

This is also where knowing your ideal reader/client comes in handy.

Use the same language your target audience is using, the same diction & vocabulary and you’re more likely to grab their attention.

Add a Diabolical Description

Your titillating title caught the eye of your potential pinner and now they’re checking out the description of your pin. Your description should really draw them in and get them to click thru to your site or the product page. It should be interesting and help them put a picture in their head about what they’re gonna benefit from when they click thru. Not to mention the amazing SEO benefits from a good description is priceless.

Be sure your descriptions are thoughtful, specific and timeless. Because Pins last forever, it’s best to stay away from temporary promotions. And remember that people often discover Pins through search, so the more specific you can be in the description, the more likely it is that your Pin will surface during searches. -

Enable Rich Pins

This is something that will really help your pin stand out next to the rest.

Rich Pins provide more context about an idea because they show extra information directly on a Pin.There are four types of Rich Pins: app, product, recipe, and article.

  • App Pins encourages potential pinners to download your app; it even has an install button right on the Pin
  • Article Pins include the article headline, story description, author name, and publisher
  • Product Pins tell potential pinners where to buy the product, gives info on the product and automatically updates the pin if there’s a price change
  • Recipe Pins gives potential pinners some info on the ingredients, serving size and cooking time.

So entice your readers by enabling this very easy to implement function and you'll really pop next to the other basic pins.

Alright, so remember I said at the beginning, you could start implementing this stuff right when you finished?

Well, what are you waiting for?

Just a quick recap in case you totally scanned thru this...If you want to create pretty Pinterest images that others want to pin, share and click on you've got to do the following:

  • Make sure your pin is vertical. Tall, not wide!
  • Use fonts that people can easily read, especially on their mobile device.
  • Use high-quality stock photos. Check out ColorUBold and CreateHerStock if you're looking to really stand out!
  • Create eye catching titles using the same language your ideal readers/customers are using.
  • Add a description to give your potential pinner a reason to visit your site or landing page. Reap the SEO benefits while you're at it.
  • Enable rich pins. Thank me later.

I wish I could say I learned all this great Pinterest sauce on my own, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have some help. While I didn't learn all of this in one night, I DID learn it in less than 72 hours. How?

Pinterest Unpuzzled.

If you wanna take these tips and tricks to the next level and really boost your Pinterest game, you at least should check it out.

It's not for you if you don't want more traffic and it's definitely not for you if you don't need any sales or new clients right now.

But if you're open to getting either of those, you can score Pinterest Unpuzzled here. It is by far the most affordable and actionable course I've taken thus far and like I said earlier, I'm not one to hold information back from my fellow momtrepreneurs.

You're gonna be hard pressed to find that discount for that program anywhere else!

So even if you're on the fence, take some time to think and thru and it'll be here for ya. ;)

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