Using Draft Blogging to Get Ahead

Ok, I totally made up the term 'Draft Blogging.' At least, I think I did...I looked around the web and nothing really pulled up when I looked, so I'm gonna run with it.

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What is Draft Blogging?

It’s creating content ahead of time for your blog by using the draft feature.

Yes, it’s handy that WordPress and most other blogging platforms have a way to save your posts as drafts so you can continue to work on it over the course of a few days.

It’s even better that they usually auto-save for you – at least it is in my case. But there’s another great way to use the draft feature.

You can use drafts to get ahead of the blogging game in several different ways. Let’s start with the most obvious one.


Here are 3 easy draft blogging techniques that will have you swimming in quick content ideas in no time!

1. Use Drafts to Work on Your Next Blog Post (or Two)

The most obvious way to use drafts is to work on your current blog post until it is ready to publish. But don’t just stop there.

If you know you have a busy day tomorrow or later on in the week, go ahead and give yourself a head start by creating a draft and working on it here and there as you can fit it in your busy day. You’ll be glad you did when it comes time to wrap up that particular post.

2. Use Drafts to Plan Your Week

You can also use drafts to plan your blogging for the week.

Let’s say you want to post 5 times per week. Come up with 5 topics and create a draft for each. Then start working on them, making sure you wrap up and publish at least one of the posts on each of your publishing days.

Not only will this keep you on track and show you at a glance what you’ll be blogging about this week, it also allows you to work on multiple posts throughout the week, giving you options when you get stuck on writing one post.

Another bonus you get from this draft blogging technique is you'll find you're blogging from a place of intention more often than not. Why? Because you're blogging ahead and not spur of the moment. You know what you're writing and hopefully why you're writing it. Your content will make that much more sense to your readers because it will flow perfectly if done right!

If you’re using this draft technique, I recommend planning things out 2 weeks out. That way, you’ll always be ahead of the game. Once you get into the rhythm of this habit, you’ll find yourself with months’ worth of content planned and waiting on finishing touches because you’ll be creating SO FAST!

3. Use Drafts to Capture Impromptu Ideas As You Write

Let’s wrap this up with my favorite way to use the drafts feature. And that’s to use it as an idea dump for future blog posts.

I notice that as I’m writing, I tend to have other ideas that make me say… “I should blog about that later…” and then I won’t write it down or I’ll just forget a few minutes later because I suffer from severe mommy brain.

Instead of forgetting, I started just opening a draft whenever I had an idea I just knew I could write about later.

That strategy helps ensure I NEVER run out of content ideas!

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Here’s how to do it.

When you get an idea for a blog post, go ahead and create a draft. Come up with a working title and make a quick note of what your blog post will be about. If you’re feeling ambitious, go ahead and write a quick outline for the post. Then save it as a draft.

Do this anytime you come up with an idea and save them for later. Then whenever you need something to blog about, browse through your drafts and pick one of these. The idea is there and you may even have done some of the writing already. These drafts make for fast blog posts and are just the thing when you’re suffering from writer’s block.

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