fidget spinner disadvantages and advantages

Fidget Spinners - Everything You Should Know

If you haven’t come across a kid or a parent playing with a fidget spinner, that just means you’ve been bedridden and without the Internet for several months now. What originally hit the markets around the world as a tool for helping autistic and kids with specific education needs develop fine motor skills, quickly turned into a global craze.

Even adults have joined in and they are using these toys to relieve stress and avoid annoying colleagues by constantly clicking a pen or doing some other noisy activity. However, there seems to be a little snag. Namely, many studies are questioning the benefit of this toy, making it one of the most controversial topics around the globe.


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It has gone so far, that there are schools that have banned fidget spinners from their classrooms and playground. So, let’s look at both positive and negative aspects of spinning this inexpensive toy.

Fidget Spinner Benefits

It is said that fidget spinners help people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism or anxiety to focus and relieve their stress and excess energy in a non-damaging way. Moreover, many people claim these little toys have helped them kick some nasty habits, such as nail-biting or leg shaking.

Another benefit is that the more time kids spend spinning the toy, the less time they spend glued to a mobile phone, tablet or some other type of screen. Spinners also occupy your attention so much, that you forget about visiting your pantry or fridge at those moments when boredom kicks in, so we could even conclude that they are potentially good for your health.

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Finally, like all other extremely popular items, it’s a great conversation starter. The fact that the whole production industry has employed thousands of people should also not be forgotten.

Fidget Spinner Disadvantages

Although no study has proven beyond any doubt that fidget spinners are harmful to those who use them, there are quite a few that question their benefits. To begin with, there are major concerns about the safety of these toys. Many reports emerge regularly about children swallowing parts of a fidget spinner and we have recently seen that Germany has banned a huge shipment of toys from entering the country amidst some suspicions regarding the safety of materials used in the production process.

Next, like any other activity that is designed primarily for individual use, it’s not doing much to improve social skills, which is something all forward-thinking experts in early education, such as those from exceptional Sandringham Childcare Centre, insist on, especially at a very young age.

Finally, one of the most commonly heard of fidget spinner disadvantages is that most people consider that they are nothing but a waste of time, which has become even more irritating with the introduction of various colors and sounds. Instead, they believe children should focus on other activities that will help them acquire some vital values and spend their time in a much more productive way. The most radical advocates of banning fidget spinners even believe that watching a paint dry is more beneficial, but that might be pushing it a bit too far.

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Although we should say that the jury is still out, all the evidence points towards a conclusion that fidget spinners are nothing more than a craze that will stay with us only until some other toy takes the world by storm. They may be beneficial to some groups with specific needs, which is why it would be wrong to ban the toys altogether, but attributing some outstanding benefits for the sole purpose of increasing sales revenue is equally incorrect.

So, unless you have some great expectations, feel free to spin your new toy. If, on the other hand, you expect much more than something to help you kill some time, look at your fidget spinner and think again. Does it look like something that does anything else but spin?Click To Tweet



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