If Mommin Ain’t Easy…What’s to say for the Modern Momtrepreneur Out There?

It’s easy to believe that it’s all glitz and glamor when you look at all the momtrepreneur's using the #MomBoss hashtags on IG. Shiny mac books and cell phones, steaming cappuccinos and well-manicured hands typing…Did I mention the desk they’re working from is so uncluttered and EVERYTHING matches…even the lamp!

african american woman wearing a chic black scoop neck shirt with white flower necklace holing a white coffee cup and looking at a white macbook
Hey, I’m not knocking you if your #MomBoss world is really THAT put together.

If it is…I applaud you and I’m begging you to email me your tips on pulling that off.


Because I’m a full-time work from home mom with a regular 9-5, managing an up and coming blog AND managing a business my hubby and I own and my desk is a straight up mess sometimes. Actually - most of the time.

Contrary to the popular posts, my momtrepreneur world is not all glitter…it’s quite dusty most of the time because I’m always coming up short on my to-do list and dusting has been far down on the list for quite some time now.

Let me be real about the #MomBoss life with you really quick.

In that hashtag, the word MOM is first.

That’s because before anything else, we are MOM.

In between being a creative entrepreneur and dreaming grand things…we have to be #SoccerMom, #ChefMom, #NurseMom, #TeacherMom and #MaidMom…depending on the day…there’s a million other Mom hashtags you can insert here.

No matter how you twist it, though, we are mom first.

And when we’re not doing the traditional mom thing, we’re straight up bosses.

  • We play the game of balancing work and home. We play it well. Most of the time. And when we’re losing that battle, we feel like crap and wonder if this is worth it.


  • We multi-task like a mother (shut yo’ mouth.) Have you ever breastfed while typing up a report? Answered emails from the toilet? Of course you have, you #MomBoss.


  • We dare to dream and log massive amounts of free time building that dream. When everyone is in bed and fast asleep, we get some of our best work done.


  • We educate our kids using business examples during homework help…because what better way to teach multiplication than by using examples of ‘If you have 3 customers who purchase your $30 webinar, how much money will you have made?”


  • We are stressed the hell out. We’ve got a lot of hats on other than mom…we’re often our own accountant, writer, web designer, photographer…etc…don’t forget we still gotta create the actual product!


Speaking of stress, check out how I Bring Zen to My Den!

Best of all, though.

We’re content and driven with our purpose. We are doing work we love and we get to raise our children while doing it!

We’re determined to have it all without sacrificing our family in the process.

And we can do it.

And we do.

To all my fellow momtrepreneurs out there who are launching and managing successful businesses…

I see you.

Keep being an amazing #MomBoss, however that looks for you and slay those goals so that you can say, "I Totally Mommed It!"

If you're a mom who's about that entrepreneur life, let me know in the comments, tell me what you do and feel free to share how you manage being a #MomBoss!

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